Integrated and sustainable processes for environmental clean-up, wastewater reuse and waste valorization – SUSTENVPRO

Complex project realized in research, development & innovation consortia, code: PN-III-P1-1.2-PCCDI-2017-0245;
Contract 26PCCDI/2018

The complex project SUSTENVPRO has as main objective to increase the institutional consortium performance in the field of Environment, by supporting/developing the existent research competencies and transfer capacities of results with applicative /innovative potential.

           The project is implemented by 4 Universities, 1 Institute affiliated to the Romanian Academy and 1 R&D National Institute under consolidation and incorporates 5 research projects, within an integrative, multidisciplinary, original and sustainable framework, based on the following research directions:

           1. Complex evaluations of priority pollutants present in various water matrixes and risk identification on the ecosystems and human health
           2. Water treatment processes optimization and development of innovative materials for the priority pollutants  removal

           3. Valorisation of biomass resources for the development of innovative processes for wastewater treatment and priority pollutants removal
           4. Metallic waste valorisation for innovative wastewater treatment process developement and removal of priority pollutants
           5. Sustainability assessments of water/ wastewater treatment and waste valorization processes based on life cyle assessment

           SUSTENVPRO complex project envisages the following result indicators: 10 new jobs created in research (ENI), 4 patents applications, 6 new/significantly improved products and technologies, 7 new improved research services, 6 research and technologies services presented in ERRIS platform, 3  A1 and A2 vouchers for existing infrastructures common usage, 3 research stages/study visits for young researchers (B vouchers), C voucher to knowledge transfer for the newly employed human resource and for the understanding of new techniques and new technologies, 17 articles submitted to ISI ranked journals,15 scientific  communications  at national and international conferences, 6 workshops with economical agents, 8 workshops for initialization, intermediation and finalization project, 1 common CDI Program in correlation with individual partners plans.