Complex evaluations of priority pollutants present in various water matrixes and risk identification on the ecosystems and human health

          Component Project 1 (PC 1) will develop and validate an innovative methodology used in environmental impact assesment associated with the presence of priority organic pollutants and heavy metals in various water matrixes. It will also identify the risks on ecosystems, water resources and human health.
          PC 1 will have as results the impact, risk and ecotoxicity profiles of the natural water resources (seen as a system that includes the interactions between water/biota/sediments) and resulting effluents after wastewater treatment. The results will be obtained by studying the neurotoxic and behavioural changes, as well as the biochemical modifications in living organisms (with zebra fish as model) exposed to organic priority pollutants and heavy metals found in wastewaters (TRL2).
          The project methodology will be transferred from the model organism (zebra fish) to an indigenous species (cyprinide juveniles) while assessing the bioindicator potential of the latter (TRL3).

PC 1 partners:  UAIC (project coordinator), TUIASI, UPB, ICMPP, UPT si INCDPM.