Water treatment processes optimization and development of innovative materials for the priority pollutants removal

          Component Project 2 (PC 2) has as main objective the development of technological options based on single or combined process stages for the sequential or simultaneous removal of priority polluatnts (organics and toxic metals). To achieve this objective, new polimeric/composite materials will be designed, obtained, characterized and tested, with properties (such as: porosity, shape, particle sizes, sorptive capacity and selectivity) adapted to the treated water characteristics (types and pollutant concentrations).
           PC2 will develop new ecological and innovative materials, based on mixtures of synthetic polymers (acrylic and metacrilic) and natural poymers (xanthan, chitosan, gellan, hyalluronate), nontoxic and biocompatible, obtained in suspension polymerisation (innovative and eco-friendly method). The proposed solutions at laboratory level will be individually tested on a pilot scale equipment (TRL4).

PC 2 partners: ICMPP (project coordinator), TUIASI, UPB si UPT.