Valorisation of biomass resources for the development of innovative processes for wastewater treatment and priority pollutants removal

          Component Project 3 (PC3) will develop and validate an innovative technology for the sequential and/or simultaneous removal of priority organic and inorganic pollutants for effluents recycling by using low-cost biosorbents obtained from the valorisation of agricultural waste (rapeseed waste).
          PC3 has an integrative approach on the processes development and includes studies on: preliminary physical and chemical treatment and sorbent characterisation, as well as laboratory tests conducted on synthetic wastewater matrixes.
          The investigations of the optimum process parameters in connection with processes efficiency in sequential/simultaneous removal of organic priority pollutants and heavy metals through biosorption  represent a novel approach. The biosorbent number of cycles (use/regeneration), the validation of the innovative process on real wastewaters at lab-scale (TRL 4) and toxicity related aspects of the resulting process effluents and secondary pollution minimisation will also be analysed.

PC 3 partners: TUIASI (project coordinator), UPB, ICMPP, UAIC si UPT.