Metallic waste valorisation for innovative wastewater treatment process development and removal of priority pollutants

            Component Project 4 (PC 4) will develop and validate an innovative technology based on metallic waste valorisation  for the sequential and/or simultaneous removal of priority organic and inorganic pollutants for effluents treatment (heavy metals/toxic organic compounds).
            The technology is based on a magnetic composite, a nanostructured material with Fe3O4@SiO2@TiO2 in composition, whose magnetic core comes from the valorisation of ferrous waste (TRL 1/5).
            The project starts from waste upcycle, by transforming it in an useful material with applications in the development of an innovative technology for wastewater treatment (TRL 3). The materials are characterised in terms of composition, structure and morphology (as in PC 2 and PC 3, synergism). Process performance will be investigated at lab scale and the results will be validated in a real functional system (TRL 5).

PC 4 partners: UPB (project coordinator), TUIASI, ICMPP, UPT si INCDPM.