Sustainability assessments of water/ wastewater treatment and waste valorization processes based on life cyle assessment

           Component Project 5 investigates the environmental impacts and benefits of priority pollutants removal options (organics and heavy metals), by using the life cycle methodology, as well as secondary impacts quantification caused by the processes development (for water and wastewater treatment) and the synthesis of new materials. In PC 5, the characterization factors for priority pollutants will be determined (synergy with PC 1). Complementary to PC 2, 3 and 4, two types of life cycle assessment studies wil be performed on both treatment processes and on materials either novel or resulted from recycled waste.
           The PC5 results are represented by process analysis as well as materials analysis (Life cycle inventory) and environmental impact profiles of the processes and materials that will allow scenarios development for processes scale-up or material production scale-up, all investigated within the project, demonstrating thus the processes and/or materials sustainability.

PC 5 partners: TUIASI (project coordinator), UPB, UAIC si UPT.