Professor, University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB)–Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Metalic Materials Processing and Eco-Metallurgy.
Director of the Center for Research and Eco-Metallurgical Expertise (UPB-ECOMET)

Doctor in Material Science, Faculty of Metallurgy, UPB, from 1994
Material Science Engineer, Faculty of Metallurgy, UPB, year of graduation: 1981

Professional experience:
Professor, Department of Metalic Materials Processing and Eco-Metallurgy, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, UPB, 1999 – present
Director of the Center for Research and Eco-Metallurgical Expertise (UPB-ECOMET), UPB, 2001–present
Coordinator of the Eco-Metallurgical Laboratory, authorized by RENAR according to ISO 17025 from 2001- present
Director of theProgram CEEX – PNII, AMCSITPolitehnica, 2005 – 2010
Director of theProgram RELANSIN PNCDI, AMCSITPolitehnica, 2000 – 2005
Associate Professor, Department of Metalic Materials Processing and Eco-Metallurgy, FSIM, UPB, 1995 – 1999
Lecturer, Department of Metalic Materials Processing and Eco-Metallurgy, FSIM, UPB, 1990 – 1995
Teaching Assistant, FSIM, UPB, 1983–1990.
Engineer, I.P.T Câmpina, 1981-1983

Organization and leadership of research and educational activities on faculty level:
– PhD supervisor in Material Science from 2012;
– CNATDCU committee member (Material Science field) from September 2016- present;
– Initiator and coordinator of the study programs in the field of Environmental Engineering: Undergraduate (specialty: Environmental Protection and Engineering in Industry – authorized by ARACIS); Graduate (specialty: Environmental Protection in the Metallic Material Industry – authorized by ARACIS);
Special contributions to the start, development and coordination of the national research network (Gheorghe Asachi Technical University from Iasi, ClujNapoca Technical University, Transilvania University Brasov, Lower Danube University Galati, Valahia University Targoviste, INCDPM Bucharest, INCDMR, ICPE Bistrita, ICPE CA Bucuresti, ICPAO Medias);
– Vast experience in project management, acquired through national and international research projects as well as projects with financing from structural funds: Director of the strategic project for graduate scolarships „Education and professional forming through increasing the quality of graduate programs in environmental engineering” POSDRU/156/1.2/G/136776/2014, Director of the project “Development of a characterization and mechanical-metallurgical expertise laboratory for metallic materials – METEXPERT” POSCCE ID 1799 /2015, Responsible from the UPB-ECOMET side in theproject „Raising the competence of companies and employees in the perspective of durable development” POSDRU nr. 59322 /2014.

Didactic fields: General Ecology, Equipment for the purging of metallurgical effluents, Sound and radioactive pollution, Renewable and recyclable energy sources.

Publishing and research activity:

  • Books and manuals: 11, of which 8 technical books published by recognized publishers and 3 manuals;
  • Scientific articles: 150, of which: 43 ISI rated articles (Web of Science) and 21 BDI;
  • Invention patents:10 on national leveland 1 international;
  • National research projects: 64, of which 35 as Responsible from UPB-ECOMET
  • International projects: 2 as Project Director and 2 as Responsible from UPB-ECOMET.
  • Bilateral cooperations: 2 as Director from UPB-ECOMET.
  • Strategic projects financed from structural funds: 2 as Project Director (1 POSDRU and 1 POSCCE), 1 as Responsible from UPB-ECOMET (POSDRU) and1 as team-member (POC).
  • Contracts with economic enterprises: 15 as Project Director
  • Citations of published work in ISI Web of Science rated journals = 91 HIRSCH index (h- index) = 7