Ph.Dhabil. eng. DEÁK György, obtained his doctorate degree in 2003,and the ability to coordinatePhD students in the field of Environmental Engineering, from 2017.

In recent years, the research direction has focused on assessing the quality of environmental factors (air, water, soil), monitoring sturgeon migration routes through the development and implementation of fixed and mobile remote sensing monitoring systems (DKTB and DKMR-01T type), development of technical solutionsfor flow distributionon the Danube River (DKLB-C), renewable energy production systems, waste management, materialized in patents of invention (3 patents and 9 patent applications) appreciated at national and international exhibitions.

Mr. DEÁK György’s research studies are focused on monitoring the environmental impact of both natural phenomena and anthropogenic actions, but also on promotion and coordination of environmental research for sustainable development to local, national and international authorities and to the business sector, given its multidisciplinary research experience which ranges from the field of environmental factors monitoring to the behavior of ultrasonically tagged wild sturgeons.

His extensive experience in applied research and the development / implementation of preventive win-win solutions in the field of environmental protection led to the coordination of 15 national projects and 7 international projects. Currently, Mr. DEÁK György is a member of the Editorial Board of the Romanian Journal of Materials, an ISI Indexed journal, but also a member of the Scientific Committee of the Innovation Journal of the Technology Transfer Center CTT CEPROCIMAT. Additionally, Mr. DEÁK György is a member of the Scientific Council of the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority, member of the Scientific Council of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration, member of the Ministerial Committee for Emergency Situations within the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, member in the Scientific Council of the Research and Innovation Cluster for Advanced Materials and Technologies, and member of the Board of Directors and Vice-President of the Romanian Compost Association.

The scientific activity of Mr. DEÁK György was materialized in the publication of 14 books, 33 articles in ISI indexed journals and over 160 published papers / communications. The published papers were cited more than 190 times in ISI and BDI articles.

As a result of the good cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr DEÁK György was invited to represent Romania in Strasbourg in 2015, to present the unique global information volume obtained by INCDPM regarding the sturgeons migration routes in the 35th – Standing Committee Meeting of the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (Bern Convention), but also in the bilateral negotiations (Romania-Ukraine) regarding the Danube Delta monitoring plan and in the trilateral negotiations (Romania-Ukraine-Moldova) to unblock the situation of the Bastroe channel.