“Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iaşi
Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection
Department of Environmental Engineering and Management

Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi (TUIASI) is a prestigious Romanian university, classified as an university for advanced research and education, according to the Ministry of Education& Research Order (MECTS nr. 5262/2011) and being also a relevant component of the research and development system of national interest. TUIASI develops programs for undergraduate, master, doctoral, postdoctoral studies and performs scientific research in 14 research areas (10 being classified in category A).  Doctoral activity is organized within 10 doctoral schools with 13 doctoral fields developed according to national& international research priorities. TUIASI has an important research dimension, with 23 accredited research/excellence centers and laboratories focused on creating and transferring knowledge, in multi-disciplinary high-tech engineering areas. These centers/laboratories activate within national & international research grants or contracts with industry & governmental organizations (www.tuiasi.ro ).

 Laboratory for Analysis and Control of Environmental Factors (LACMED)

LACMED has been founded in 2013 and accredited in 2015 by the Romanian Accreditation Association- RENAR according to SR EN ISO/CEI 17025 as Testing Laboratory (LI) with Accreditation Certificate no. LI 1054 available on RENAR and LACMED sites.

LACMED research profile:

  • Pollution monitoring and resources characterization through characterization of water, wastewater and liquid effluents, air, soil and natural resources,
  • Innovative technologies for pollution control and sustainable use of resources such as: wastewater treatment& recycling, pollution prevention&control, environmental process technologies, waste minimisation, treatment and valorisation, improved water and wastewater connectivity and technologies; improvement of technology transfer associated activities;
  • Sustainability assessments and implementation of circular economy objectivesby means of Life cycle assessment, Carbon & Water Footprint, Environmental Impact & Risk asessment, participatory research and collaboration with stakeholders (industry, university/research institutions, governmental/ non-governmental entities, environmental agencies, etc).

Competences / Infrastructure

LACMED has modern equipment to ensure high performances in analysis, more than 100 industrial beneficiaries applying to LACMED sevices (environmental analysis, research, consultancy, specialised courses). All equipment is subject to specific control, maintenance and calibration procedures in accordance with the requirements of reference documents and quality management procedures applied in the laboratory.

More information may be found at: www.lacmed.rohttps://erris.gov.ro/www.lacmed.ro