Partener 3: ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi

            “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi is the oldest institution of higher education in Romania, continuing since 1860 a tradition of excellence and innovation in education and research. With 15 faculties plus the European Studies Center (since 2001), over 23,000 students and 742 teachers, the university enjoys an important prestige at national and international level, collaborating with 439 foreign universities. With the admission to The Magna Charta of European Universities (Bologna, 1988), “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University became the first higher education institution in Romania centered on the student. In order to support students and their professional orientation, the Center for Professional Information, Career Orientation and Placement (CIPO) was set up as part of the University’s structure.
            The outcome of the first national evaluation of state and private universities placed UAIC in the league of the top universities in Romania, representing an official guarantee of the excellence of research and study programs. “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University was classified in 2011 by the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports as a university of advanced research and education.
In setting the priority areas for the research activity, the current trends and opportunities in science defined in the National Strategy, the European Union Research Strategy, as well as the programs launched in other advanced research countries have been taken into account. Among these, we mention: micro and nano-structured natural and artificial systems; natural environment and biodiversity; fundamental structures in mathematics and computer science; free market fundamentals; the “reconstruction” of classical humanism; material science.
             A particular importance is given within the University to the interdisciplinary research and project development at the boundary between exact sciences and philosophy, and between science and humanism. The interdisciplinary departments include 3 interdisciplinary training and research platforms: ARHEOINVEST (archaeology, geography, geology, biology and physics); AMON (Physics, Informatics, Chemistry, Biology); MEDIAEC (for all areas of the University).
             Should also be mentioned the Research Center for Advanced Materials and Technologies – RAMTECH ( and the Integrated Center for Environmental Science Studies for the North-East Development Region – CERNESIM (, respectively the Research and Student Practice Stations from: Ezăreni, Potoci, Piatra Neamţ, Agigea, Tulnici, Mădârjac, Rarău.
             The university generously hosts national and international scientific events organized in partnership with governmental, non-governmental, professional and student organizations. More than 100 national and international conferences, summer schools and other events associated with R & D activities are annually organized to promote the results of scientific research and knowledge of the achievements within the field of scientific manifestations. The UAIC is currently publishing 49 of its own magazines, including 3 ISI-rated magazines, 13 BDI indexed magazines.
              “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University is affiliated to: Coimbra Group, Utrecht Network, European Association of Universities, Francophone Agency, International Association of Universities, Balkan Universities Network.