Partener 4: ”Politehnica” University of Timisoara

          Research Center of Environmental Science and Engineering belongs to Department of Applied Chemistry and Engineering of Inorganic Compounds and Environment  (CAICAM), Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Engineering of Inorganic Compounds and Environment, Politehnica University of Timișoara. The reserach activity is developing to solve the complex problems of sustainable development and climate changing.

Research topics:

  • Advanced water treatment and water quality integrated control
  • Development of integrated systems to reduce environmental risks and impacts
  • Environmental monitoring. Environmental and climate impact assessment
  • Recycling treatment for wastewater containing heavy metals
  • Development of pilot-scale wastewater treatment processes
  • Pharmaceutical compounds as emerging pollutants for water resources
  • Water quality assessment in terms of heavy metal content
  • Monitoring of hazardous pollutants from groundwater
  • Photocatalysis process applied in drinking water treatment
  • Applications of carbon based composite electrodes in advanced degradation of organic pollutants

Activity domains:

  • Environmental Management Infrastructures
  • Materials Synthesis and/or Testing Facilities
  • Analytical Facilities
  • Water and Wastewater Monitoring and Treatment

Research services offered by the center:

  • Training and research on environmental monitoring and impact assessment
  • Training and research in water treatment for drinking and industrial use
  • Onsite specific industrial effluents treatment
  • Training and research in waste and wastewater recycling treatment
  • Environmental analysis of industrial processes
  • Development of electrochemical sensors for environmental application
  • Application of nanomaterials in environmental protection
  • Optimization of Industrial Chemical Processes

More details regarding the infrastructure can be found at: