Partener 5: National Research and Development Institute for Environmental Protection Bucharest

           The National Institute for Research and Development in Environmental Protection (INCDPM) is a top institution in the environmental protection field, with over 60 years of experience maintaining throughout this period a close collaboration with national and local authorities, being a real support in the identification and remediation of environmental issues.

           Currently, INCDPM provides expertise on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) under (EC) Regulation No. 1907/2006 of the European Parliament representing Romania as Competent Authority and attends the meetings of the international working groups organized by ECHA.

           Additionally, the Institute is responsible for coordinating the process of collecting, centralizing and harmonizing the data and information necessary for the fulfillment of the reporting obligations under the international and European provisions in the area of Land Exploitation, Land Change and Forestry (LULUCF), according to Order No 453 / 30.05 .2018.

           INCDPM provides scientific support at national level in actions such as participation in trilateral negotiations to unblock the situation of the Bastroe Channel, bilateral negotiation regarding the Danube Delta Monitoring Plan, being invited to present within the 35th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Bern Convention the unique global information volume collected to date on migration routes of ultrasonically tagged sturgeons from the Lower Danube.

          INCDPM’s mission is to meet the needs of society in the fields of environmental protection, sustainable development and climate changes, both at national and international level. INCDPM, through its interdisciplinary research activities, ensures the development of win-win preventive solutions, which ensures the conservation status of nature and biodiversity, being adopted in an environmental friendly manner. The development of new monitoring and evaluation methods for various fields (environmental quality, habitats – avifauna and ichthyofauna, etc.) lead to improved scientific results.

          The strategic objectives and research directions of INCDPM refer to advanced scientific and technological research in the field of environmental protection, based on complex activities covering both fundamental and applied research on a range extending from the field of nanomaterials to the one corresponding to species habitats. The research portfolio includes assessing and reducing the impact of natural and technological hazards, assessing climate change impacts, performing numerical simulations and forecasts, producing renewable energies, waste management, nanomaterials with applicability in environmental protection etc.

           Our mission is supported by experienced researchers as well as by young researchers formed within the Institute through mentoring activities to ensure continuity, using the most advanced research techniques and equipment. The patents developed by INCDPM researchers are highly appreciated at national and international level, obtaining more than 100 platinum, gold and silver medals at exhibitions.

           Our vision is to develop an internationally recognized community of specialists in environmental science, supported by a solid technical-scientific basis and on an efficient management system, which can provide educational opportunities based on improved knowledge through mentoring activities, with the aim of supporting the international scientific community by identifying the optimal solutions to address global environmental issues, respecting the principles of sustainable development and ensuring a clean environment for future generations.

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